• Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home as per the Famous Interior Decorators

    Looking to add some luxurious features to your home? Worried about the expenditure that comes with adding a luxurious touch to your house? professional interior decorators have shared some ideas which will allow you to add luxury upgrades to your home and that too on a budget. 

    Ways to add luxury to your home according to the famous interior decorators

    • Remodeling bathroom

    Remodeling your bathroom means ensuring mixtures and plumbing are up to date and work efficiently. You can go for brass taps and fixtures in your bathroom that offer an elegant look. You can also incorporate additional features like recessed lighting, flooring products, and modern tiling to bring a real sense of luxury to your bathroom.

    • Neutral shades

    Nothing looks as elegant as neutral shades of the walls. Neutral shades have the power to turn your home into a tranquil sanctuary. The most popular interior shades suggested by the famous interior decorators are Grey, off-white, beige, and white. These shades offer a calming influence on the house. You can even choose neutral shades for your home furniture so that they complement the entire interior theme of the house.

    • Indoor plants

    You can instantly uplift any space by adding plants. Both real and artificial plants add a touch of elegance to the décor. Some designers believe that plants are a great way to add colors and life to any room. They are also great for making instant statement pieces in any room. In case you wish to add texture to any space, you can choose the plant pot or vase and make it a good focal point. You can add anywhere and everywhere in the house. They can be added on shelves, window sill, small spaces, whole corners, etc. They have the magic to add instant glamour to any home. 

    • Updating lights

    Lights play a very important role in deciding your interiors. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your interiors is by updating light fixtures throughout the home. No matter if you update the pendant light in the kitchen or add a new standout lamp in the living room, a new light fixture is the best way to add the right ambiance of luxury and coziness in the house.

    • Wallpapers

    In case you are willing to create a creative and luxurious space, consider going for wallpapers which is an upcoming trend. In case you wish to refresh a space on a temporary basis, then also adhesive wallpaper is a great pick. You can add new patterns and colors in your room by going with the wallpapers. In case you wish to add life to an otherwise dull room, pick up a statement wallpaper. You can easily change it when you get bored. Choosing light colors, subtle patterns, and sober wallpapers for smaller rooms is advised. This is because too many figures and colors may become distracting and make a small room feel even smaller.

    • High-end factors

    Adding small touches of high-end materials like antique gold, natural wood, brass handles, copper vessels, throughout the home can make the interiors look luxurious. You can even replace a modern ornament with a vintage one to make the space unique and inviting. You can even go for a collection of vintage books to up the price tag on your décor.

    • Upholstery

    Another easy way to make the interiors of your home attractive is by upholstering chairs with new materials. You can even sew new cushions and pillow covers. This seems to be the most popular method suggested by interior designers for adding luxury to the interiors. Here, you need to take care of the quality of material that you choose to update the upholstering.

    • Open space

    Open spaces are loved by everyone. The best way to make your home luxurious is by creating open space and sometimes by rearranging stuff and decluttering the space. You can even invest in some clever storage solutions so that the space doesn’t look cramped. 

    To conclude

    All high-end luxury Home interior decorators indeed focus on curating elements that focus primarily on quality, comfort, sophistication, and detail. Because of this refined appearance luxe design is desired by all. Luxury doesn’t always mean burning a hole in your pocket. Luxury is also synonymous with elegance, sophistication, clean lines, and decluttered spaces. It is also a state of mind which aims at living the best life. so, if you wish to live the best life, follow these tips of adding luxury to your space.

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